AS Roma – SPAL 2013 3:1

The Romans had a newcomer in front of their audience, and their efforts made it much easier to eliminate Captain Felipe, who had to leave the field for ten minutes! Džeko, Strootman and Pellegrini hit home.

As Coach Eusebio Di Francesco has promised, several players Energybet have come to play with a chance to show their qualities and dedication. Lorenzo Pellegrini, Cengiz Ünder or Maxime Gonalons started with Strootman, Dzhek or Kolarov. Guests started with Viviani, Gomis, Grassim, Felipe, Rizz or Paloschim.

Already in the fourth minute, Alberto Paloschi reached the lead in the Giallorossi lime when he leapt to Manolase. But he was heading out a lot. At the tenth minute, Edin Džeko hurled the ball and sent Felipe to the ground, judging by the judging by the referee. But with the video, Džeko would have seen the goalie. So he gave Felipe a red card! The next shot of Stephan El Shaarawy had Gomis goalkeeper to emerge with great problems.

It did not take long, and Giallorossi took on the numerical Energybet advantage of leadership. El Shaarawy’s excellent passport for defense was sent to an experienced attacker Edin Džeko and after a long time he finished his goal fast – 1: 0 for the home team.

After twenty-five minutes, corner kick Aleksandar Kolarov and Kostas Manolase’s head came Gomis’s brilliant extras! With the thirty minutes ahead, AS continued to settle in the middle of Spal and after a short combination, Gomis’s attention was again drawn to Edin Džeko. His hard shot, but the keeper kept his eyes on him.

The high striker also stretched from the center of Pellegrini, but no Energybet one else responded to his run. Defenders in front of Gomis did not make much difference, and after Lazzari’s error Edin Džeko got to the ball. His recording was used by the Pellegrini bomb and Gomis was still reacting. But Kevin Strootman’s shot at Stephan El Shaarawy could not stop – 2-0 for AS.

Another event of Alessandro Florenzi ended with Kolarov and the balloon still gently swept along Edin Džeko. The AS attacks were basically based on the players themselves, like when he could drop himself on goalie Džeko ten minutes before the end but Gomis did not get over again! Immediately before going to the dressing room, he tried to push Cengiz Ünder, but his Energybet gunman Gomis set out.

The second half started again for the domestic wolves, who controlled the pace of the game and combined at will. The guests had to rely on the trenches in the country of anybody or the domestic mistakes due to the number of weaknesses. Edin Džeko pulled off the offensive line as usual, but perhaps he was too reluctant to assert again. A few minutes after the change of sides he got in front of the lime and burned Pellegrini himself. Just to where Gomis had reached out.

Lorenzo Pellegrini finally got his first goal this season and the jersey AS. The young midfielder, Aleksandar Kolarov, managed to make the right shot and Energybet gave Gomis the chance to score. Another former Roman, visiting Federico Viviani, was also waiting. After the foul, Manolase kicked a penalty several times and, despite the enormous effort, Alisson eventually dropped 3: 1.