Litvínovský Tříč Trávníček: We know what to win the matches and we have the top physically

“We look every other year at the end of the table,” Litvinov captain Michal Travnicek smiled. “I do not see much about it during the season, but it’s nice. When we play the center, it will be great for us, “he does not climb in the clouds. Last year’s barbarian and champion champion after a 1: 7 beating in Brno drew a spectacular series – the last six games, five full-fledged victories and one two-point. Skip Chomutov and Třinec and Brno are ahead of him.

“I do not want to say he kicked us in Brno but he helped us. We know exactly what we play and what the winning matches.After five rounds, it’s saddled and now we’re doing good, “says Travnicek.

His explanation for best betting bonus offers ascension? “We are probably more trained than last year, when we had a shorter summer preparation after the title, which was a big part of the season. The system we are betting is better served by us. The opponents do not physically play us, on the contrary, we have the top. ”

Litvinov players are already full of ice, the mantinels are shooting, sparks are flying from the skates. “We are making, we try to play every alternation and the goal is very good. What Janus was doing today was unreal, “the striker Jakub Černý said.

The winner was pardubice coach Pavel Rohlik: “The best rival against which we played this year.”

For the third time in the Vervu series, over five thousand fans, was 5 365. “Great backdrop,” thank Travnicek. “But that was also the last season when we did not. The fans were riding with us in large numbers, at home the atmosphere was still great. Here the spectators are amazing! ”

The 1xbet unique five-match home series will end Verva on Tuesday with Hradec Kralove and on Friday with Olomouc. Travnicky appeals to keep his noses up. “Satisfaction with such a line always threatens.It was against Pardubice that the entry into the match was not ideal, it saved us two sticks, fortunately it was only a warning. ”

Trávníček is shorting 2/3 of the penalty shootout, his partner Černý but in the half of the game used the streaming power. He stood in the empty goal at Sörvik’s power play. Not the attacker Nejezchleb. “It does not look good with him,” assistant coach Darek Stránský said.