Trutnov hosts a basketball feast, and Euroleague teams will arrive

The Czech basketball school will represent both East Bohemian units, home Kara Trutnov and Hradec Lviv.

Traditional diversification will be also the established issues, such as exhibit competition for players and coaches, miss miss touring via SMS

Four new teams

On the four novices of the Trutnov meeting.The tournament premiere is attended by Slovakian Champion Dobrzej Anjeli Kosice and Hungarian Champion Pinkk Pecsi 424, Polish Semifinalist Artego Bydgoszcz.

And also the bronze team of Slovakia Piešťanská Čajka. The fourth team of the last year of the Central European League, in a line with Trutnov’s offspring Roman Stehlíková, replaced the Polish champion Wisla Can-Pack Krakow. He canceled the tournament because of Bet via your mobile phone problems with the corresponding number of players.

The basketball star is not threatened. Fans will surely be able to see stars such as Irina Osipova from Dynama Kursk (double Olympic champion, Euroleague winner) and Zuzana Zirkova from Košice (triple Euroleague winner).And most of all, they will be curious about the home team that first shows up with some new faces.

Great competition

Glad to see that excellent basketball competition is again taking place in Trutnov, which the participants highly praise.Probably the most remarkable example is Orenburg, who finished last in our tournament a year ago, and then he got into the Final 8 Euroleague and the final of the Russian leagues in the season, “said Trutnov manager Jan Braun. After the August international matches of two world champions Championship between the Czech Republic and Mozambique, and two very successful youth tournaments, the Trutnov hall will be the scene of another great event.

For the home team, the tournament will be a great test before the start of the domestic competition. “The month before the start of the league will be the first preparation for us, they will mainly play about the team.We have two Euroleague clubs and a strong Polish rival in the group, it will be very difficult, but from betting in Australia the point of view of preparation it is a great opportunity to play with such top-level teams, “added Trutnov manager.

Play begins on Thursday, Will receive from last half last year’s Dynamo Kursk and Piešťanská Čajka. Home Kara Trutnov will start for the first time Thursday at 17.30 against Orenburg.